At Lurie Children’s, flexibility matters. Through flexible work arrangements, you can effectively integrate your work and life responsibilities and take care of yourself and your family, all while pursuing your professional goals.

Remote work refers to duties that are performed away from a Medical Center location and instead performed at home or in a remote location on a full-time, part-time, temporary or occasional basis.

Unless otherwise directed by the applicable Chief, participation in the Remote Work Program is entirely voluntary and considered to be a benefit for employees. Remote workers are expected to meet all the responsibilities, perform all the duties and comply with all the policies that apply to employees in similar roles, regardless of the work location.

Remote work is not an entitlement of an employee, nor is it a company-wide benefit. The Medical Center has the sole and exclusive right to review, modify or terminate the arrangement at any time.

Talk to your leader

If you’re interested, remote work is available for employees who have authorization from their leader and have signed a Remote Work Agreement.

See Remote Work Program Policy for a thorough overview of this program. The policy provides guidance for:

  • Eligibility for Remote Work Program
  • Terms of the Remote Work Program
  • Accountability and program compliance
  • Use of and responsibility for remote work equipment and resources
  • Establishing and maintaining a suitable workspace
  • Security and confidentiality