To help you keep life in focus, vision coverage through UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan provides benefits for eye exams and vision correction treatment.



Standard and Premium Vision Plans

You have two options, the Standard option or the Premium “buy-up” option. In-network benefits are covered in full (after copay), including comprehensive exams, eye glasses with standard single vision, lined bifocal or lined trifocal lenses, standard scratch-resistant coating and frames or contacts in lieu of eye glasses.

Key features at a glance
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Eye exam covered every year,

with only a small copay charged to you.

Coverage for eyeglasses or contact lenses

so you can choose the method of vision correction you prefer.

Wide network of providers,

giving you the opportunity to save money with more generous in-network benefits.

Find a network provider

You may choose to see any in- or out-of-network provider you’d like, but you’ll generally pay less when you stay in network. To find a network provider close to you, visit UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan or call 800.638.3120.


Plan Comparison

  Standard Premium
Frequency of Exams Every 6 months Every 6 months
Frequency of Lenses, Frames, Contacts Every 12 months Every 12 months
Copay — Exam / Materials $10 / $25 $10 / $25
Frame Benefit $130 $130
Lens Options — Standard Scratch-Resistant Coating and Polycarbonate Lenses Covered in full Covered in full
Lens Options — Standard and Deluxe Progressive Lenses Not covered Covered in full
(main advantage to this option)
Selection Contact Lenses (Formulary Contacts*) If you choose disposable contacts, up to 6 boxes are included when obtained from an in-network provider If you choose disposable contacts, up to 8 boxes are included when obtained from an in-network provider
Non-Selection Contact Lenses $150 $200

*A list can be found at UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan.

Review your 2023 UnitedHealthcare Vision plan coverages.



Vision Plan Premiums (26 Times Per Year) Employee Only Employee + Child(ren) Employee + Spouse Employee + Family
  Full-Time & Part-Time Employees
Standard Plan $2.87 $5.59 $5.34 $8.48
Premium Plan $4.48 $8.36 $8.77 $13.33