The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s High Five program recognizes and rewards high performers working in our organization. We want to celebrate the many different types of high performers while also creating a culture of recognition.

Make sure to check out the High Five Recognition Program Portal to learn more about award levels, recognition process, and tips to be a top performer.


All Lurie Children’s paid employees are eligible for award nominations.

Guidelines for Nominating a High Five

Please nominate fellow employee based on their clear demonstrations of one of our Values – The Core Principles that guide us:

  • Compassionate Service
  • Excellence
  • Respectful Collaboration
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Discovery and Innovation
  • Stewardship

What to Think About?

Think about projects, activities or events you have been involved in recently. Did the nominee do something imaginative such as thinking outside the box creatively to solve a problem quickly? Did the nominee show great determination in completing a task ahead of schedule or by reducing costs? Was the nominee innovative in their approach to solving patient or family needs or assisting a colleague? Did they proactively encourage new approaches?

We ask all nominators to clearly describe the specific reasons for nominating an award based on the above guidelines when placing the nomination.

"High Five"
0 points
"Thumbs Up"
600 points
1,500 points
"Standing Ovation"
2,500 points
Give someone a High Five as a “thank you” for a job well done that doesn’t require a substantiated metric or documented contribution.

Examples: Identification of safety catches, great customer service, engagement and positive contributions to our organization culture.
Give some a “Thumbs Up” for a tangible, documented contribution to productivity, Patient Family Experience, quality, safety and efficiency.

Examples: Membership on task forces or steering committees, identification of safety interventions, product recalls, going above and beyond a job well done by providing an outstanding service for others.
Give someone a "Cheers" award as an individual contributor to Patient Family Experience, quality, positivity, having invested significant time and personal effort to drive organizational change or be a positive cultural influence.

Examples: Someone who stands above their peers in their work, can be shown in their cultural commitment to service and quality, leadership or significant contributions to hospital committees.
Give someone a "Standing Ovation" award for being a leader of a multi-disciplinary team, driver of major Corporate Goals, support for Vision 2025, or positive contributions to Patient Family Experience, our culture, and service with widespread organizational impact.

Approval Process

Award approval is based on the recipient's/nominator’s manager. There are two stages of management approval on the two highest awards. Approvals are processed based on clear demonstration of the above guidelines. Nominations can be approved, modified or disapproved, and the reasons are communicated to the nominator.

All approvers should approve/disapprove nominations within 48 hours of receiving a request.